About Our Technology

Our Technology Advantage

Zynergy Capital's project financing system started with capturing the expertise of our experienced project finance team who had analyzed nearly 1,000 projects for institutional investors over the course of their combined careers.

We built their best practices into advanced algorithms, automatic modeling, and intelligent matching. And we layered in confidentiality, transparency, and security.

Our technology system doesn't replace their expertise - it augments it.

With our intelligent FinTech system and expert team, projects are analyzed quickly, vetted analytically, and presented clearly, assisting the project finance process for developers and investors alike.


  • Harnesses advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and smart matching
  • Leverages proprietary algorithms and financial models
  • Employs machine learning to continuously improve project assessment


  • Analyzes and scores projects on 100+ quantitative and qualitative metrics
  • Provides detailed and transparent financial models
  • Matches against a deep pool of $100 billion of profiled capital sources in the network


  • Employs current best-in-class cloud-based security protocols to protect data
  • Uses masked reports to ensure confidentiality
  • Stores encrypted project documentation in structured data rooms