About Our Technology

Opportunities with Insight

Mid-market renewable energy projects can offer some of the best high return investment opportunities in the world today. Our project finance system connects you confidentially, and with no charge, to vetted renewable energy projects matched to your specific investment needs.

Our intelligent algorithms analyze, score, validate, and optimize developers' projects before you even see them. We vet the projects by scoring them on more than 100 metrics covering the project's team, technology, financials, and more.

If a project fits your criteria, our standardized reports, transparent models, and structured data rooms mean you can focus on doing your due diligence instead of chasing down documentation.

We focus on wind, solar, storage, bioconversion, and other clean energy projects needing $10 million to $200 million of equity, tax equity, and/or debt.

Access to New Markets

  • Access mid-sized projects that traditional investment banks typically don't serve
  • Receive highly targeted opportunities matched to your investor interest profile
  • Only see vetted, capital-ready projects that pass our quality control

Improved Deal Flow

  • Receive vetted relevant projects from renewable energy developers on platform
  • Decrease the time to invest your capital with technology-assisted speed
  • Streamline your process with an Engagement Leader to guide both parties

Faster Decision Making

  • Preview projects confidentially through a masked summary for fast first screening
  • Focus your internal analysis using the project scores, heatmap, and analyst notes
  • Gain easy access to project details though transparent financial models and the structured data room

Cut Through the Clutter

Many mid-sized developers don't present their projects at the right time or in the right format. That's why many institutional investors prefer not to deal with them directly. We deeply vet each project by scoring it on more than 100 project metrics covering the team, technology, financials, and more, ensuring we only bring you deals that meet our criteria.

Our system introduces the project with masked reports that distill the metrics that drive your decisions: a clear one page summary, then a detailed heatmap. It's confidential in both directions, until you're ready to start talking terms.

Zynergy Executive Summary
Zynergy Executive Summary