Capital Without Complexity

ZynergyCapital's project finance system uses technology to connect renewable energy developers with potential capital sources.

We let you focus on development while our experienced team and intelligent algorithms analyze, score, and structure your project to optimize how it is presented to potential investors. Our reports present your project in a clear, consistent way so that capital sources quickly understand whether your projects are of interest.

For approved projects, our system acts as a single point of contact to get your project in front of banks, insurance companies, family offices and other institutional and accredited investors within the $100 billion of capital sources we've profiled that are seeking projects specifically like yours.

Faster Financing

  • Automated project screening gives a financing readiness check in one business day
  • Intelligent algorithms can model your project in weeks, not months
  • Transparent models and structured data rooms organize your project's details for potential investors

More Capital Sources

  • Algorithms make precise connections to capital sources saving time and minimizing rejections
  • One network provides access to equity, tax equity, and debt sources
  • Over $100B of profiled capital sources

Streamlined Process

  • High tech and high touch, with an Engagement Leader to guide you through the process
  • Project scores and heatmap streamline potential investors' analysis
  • One-time document upload creates a structured data room for use during the process

Rapid Screening Saves Time

If you have a renewable energy project needing $10 million or more in capital, invest ten minutes and we'll let you know if we have capital sources on our platform that may match your needs. To start, fill out the form to set up an account and a team member will reach out to get you set up on our platform. For anyone with an account, we'll perform a three step project readiness check for any project you submit - done within one business day - so we can let you know whether we can assist your project finance process.


  • Spend ten minutes sharing some basic project data


  • Our system will:
    • Score your project on 25 criteria
    • Build an economic model
    • Query our database of available capital sources


  • Our team will let you know the results within a business day

Presented with Clarity

Many institutional investors don't have the bandwidth to consider a mid-sized deal. We can simplify it for them by presenting your project in consistent reports that distill the metrics that drive their decisions.

They're first introduced to your project with masked reports: a one page summary, then a detailed heatmap with scores on 200+ project metrics covering the team, technology, financials, and more. Your details are confidential but your project is presented at its best.

Once talks progress, the depth of your data is unlocked.

Zynergy Executive Summary
Zynergy Executive Summary